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butts butts butts ass


Playing in the Northwest was badass. Thanks to everyone in Funerals, Singled Out, Unjust, and Cold Truth for being nice to us.

Last night in Everett. Our homies from Portland came up and got wiggnorant with us. Shout out to those guys for coming up and giving us a place to stay when we visited. Hopefully we’ll all get to order the Pit Boss at Sherrie’s again soon


My bandhas some records up for sale thanks to GOD RECORDS. 
Playing a couple of shows in the NW next week. Come out, one of the shows fell through so show us some touristy shit.
This show is sick cause it’s in another state, I’m seeing Malice, and me and @mattb_mioli get to play double sets. See you in two weeks NW friends

Im playing with King Nine next month.

Bets on who gets stabbed first


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